Account takeover protection for law firms and legal portals

Digital transformation has led law firms and legal professionals into an era of efficient online communication with clients. However, these advances face the challenge of protecting sensitive legal information from cyber threats. Identeco offers a customised security solution to meet the specific needs of law firms and ensure the protection of confidential documents.

1. client communication via portals

Legal portals serve as central platforms for client communication, but are a potential target for account takeover, which can lead to unauthorised access to confidential information.

2. confidential information and files

Law firms manage a large amount of confidential information and files. A breach of data protection can not only have legal consequences, but can also jeopardise the reputation and trust of the law firm.

3. data protection and ethics standards

The legal industry is subject to strict data protection and ethics standards. A security incident can not only lead to legal consequences, but also jeopardise the trust of clients and compliance with ethical standards.

1. early detection of account takeover

Identeco provides advanced early detection of suspicious activity to stop potential account takeover attacks before they can cause damage.

2. continuous synchronisation of access data

By continuously matching leaked credentials from multiple sources, Identeco warns of potential threats that may result from leaked credentials.

3. universal protection of all platform accounts

Identeco guarantees comprehensive protection for all accounts on the platform. This universal protection secures all user accounts equally, without the need for customisation. This ensures that every user benefits from a consistently high level of security.

Build trust and ensure compliance

Identeco’s integration into legal portals and law firm workflows not only strengthens security, but also demonstrates a commitment to data protection and ethics. This helps to build client trust and ensure compliance with legal standards.

The future of secure client communication

Identeco not only provides protection against current threats, but also lays a foundation for the future of secure client communications. Invest in the security of your platform to not only protect confidential information, but also to strengthen the trust of your clients. Identeco - for a secure and ethical future in legal practice.

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