Account takeover protection in the healthcare sector

Patient portals and healthcare platforms play a crucial role in the healthcare sector by allowing users to access their medical records and interact with medical staff. These platforms contain highly sensitive and confidential information, making privacy and security of paramount importance. Identeco presents itself as a reliable partner to maintain confidentiality in the healthcare sector while protecting medical facilities from account takeover attacks.

Security management - challenges in the healthcare sector:

1. sensitive patient data

Healthcare platforms store a wealth of sensitive patient data, including medical histories, diagnoses and personal information. A data leak could not only jeopardise privacy, but also have serious health consequences for patients.

2. risks of account takeover

With the rise of digital health platforms, the risk of account takeover attacks is also increasing. Unauthorised access could lead to manipulation of medical records, misdiagnosis and medical errors.

3. data protection and compliance requirements

The healthcare industry is subject to strict data protection and compliance requirements. A breach could lead not only to fines, but also to loss of patient trust and reputation.

Identeco - Security in the healthcare sector

1. detection and defence against account takeover

Identeco offers advanced capabilities to detect and defend against account takeover attacks in healthcare. Through real-time monitoring and analysis, Identeco protects against unauthorised access and manipulation of patient data.

2. continuous synchronisation of access data

By continuously matching leaked credentials, Identeco warns of potential threats that may result from leaked credentials. This is crucial to ensure the security of patient data on healthcare platforms.

3. customised responses to identified threats:

Identeco enables the operator to respond individually to identified threats. From specific restrictions to comprehensive security verifications, various tools are available.

Build trust and ensure compliance

Identeco’s integration with healthcare platforms emphasises its commitment to security and privacy. Adhering to privacy and compliance standards not only protects the platform, but also builds trust with patients and healthcare professionals.

The future of secure medical interactions

Identeco not only provides protection against current threats, but creates a foundation for the future of secure medical interactions. Invest in the security of your platform to not only protect patient data, but also to strengthen trust in the healthcare sector. Identeco - your reliable partner for a secure and trustworthy medical future.

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