Account takeover protection for cloud-based CRM, ERP and tender portals

The integration of cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms has revolutionized business processes for many companies. However, with the many benefits of these modern solutions come security risks. Identeco offers a reliable shield to secure sensitive business data on CRM and ERP platforms and tender portals and to overcome the cybersecurity challenges of this era.

Challenges in the security management of cloud-based platforms

1. extensive business data

CRM and ERP platforms store extensive business data, including customer data, financial information and operational metrics. A data leak can cause significant financial and reputational damage.

2. risk of account takeover

As many employees work on these platforms, the risk of account takeover attacks increases. Criminals can retrieve sensitive information if they gain access to an authorized user’s credentials.

3. data protection and compliance requirements

Companies, especially those in regulated industries, must meet strict data protection and compliance requirements. A breach could not only result in fines, but also shake the confidence of customers and partners.

4. security for tender portals

Tender portals are critical platforms for companies to identify business opportunities and participate in tenders. Protecting sensitive information in these portals is crucial to ensure the integrity of tendering processes.

Specific risks of a data leak in the tendering process

A data leak in tender portals can have devastating consequences for companies:

1. access to information by competitors

A data leak could give competitors unauthorized access to sensitive information about tenders, resulting in an unfair competitive advantage.

2. manipulation of tender documents

An attacker could use data manipulation to feed false information into tender documents, resulting in inaccurate bids and compromising the selection process.

3. loss of business opportunities

Companies run the risk of losing business opportunities if confidentiality and integrity are compromised in the tendering process. This could lead to significant financial losses.

Identeco - A reliable shield for CRM, ERP and tender portals

1. early detection of security incidents

Identeco offers advanced features for early detection of potential security incidents to identify and stop unusual activities in time.

2. continuous synchronization of access data

By continuously matching leaked credentials from various sources, Identeco warns of potential threats that may arise from leaked credentials.

3. protection of all platform accounts

Identeco ensures universal protection for all accounts on the CRM, ERP and tender portal platform. With this comprehensive security solution, all user accounts are equally protected.

Build trust and ensure compliance

Identeco’s integration with CRM, ERP and tender portals not only underlines its commitment to security, but also demonstrates its seriousness in adhering to data protection and compliance standards.

The future of secure business processes

Identeco not only provides protection against today’s threats, but creates a foundation for the future of secure business processes. Invest in the security of your platform to not only protect sensitive data, but also to strengthen the trust of your stakeholders. Identeco - for a secure and efficient business future.

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