Protect your online business from account takeover attacks

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, companies face constant challenges, especially when it comes to the security of their online platforms. Protecting sensitive customer data, from personal information to payment information, is crucial to gaining customer trust and ensuring the smooth running of business operations. Unfortunately, account takeover attacks have become a growing threat, putting both businesses and their customers at risk.

The challenges of e-commerce security management

1. Reused passwords

A common problem is the re-use of passwords by users on different platforms. This represents a significant vulnerability, as in the event of a security incident on another platform, the access data for the e-commerce account may be compromised.

2. account takeover attacks

Cybercriminals use sophisticated methods to gain access to customer accounts. These attacks can not only lead to financial losses, but also affect customer confidence in the security of the platform.

3. data protection compliance

E-commerce companies must not only ensure the security of their platforms, but also adhere to strict data protection regulations. A data leak can not only have financial consequences, but also cause lasting damage to the company’s reputation.

Identeco - your shield against account takeover

This is where Identeco comes in, an innovative solution specifically designed to address the unique challenges of e-commerce. By collecting and matching leaked credentials from various sources on the Internet, Identeco provides a robust line of defense against account takeover attacks.

1. early detection and prevention

Identeco enables early detection of potentially compromised accounts before an attack occurs. By analyzing credentials, suspicious activity can be identified and proactively prevented.

2. data protection in focus

With Identeco, e-commerce companies can effectively protect their customers’ data privacy. The solution complies with strict data protection standards and helps to prevent data breaches.

3. build trust

By integrating Identeco into your security strategy, you show your customers that you care about the security of their data. This strengthens trust and reinforces your company’s position as a reliable partner in e-commerce.

4. reactivation of inactive users

Identeco gives e-commerce companies the opportunity to contact inactive users due to detected threats. This not only enables the platform to be secured, but also encourages the reactivation of users who may have stopped using it due to security concerns.

The future of secure e-commerce

Identeco not only provides protection against today’s threats, but also ensures a secure foundation to meet the ever-changing challenges of e-commerce. Invest in the security of your platform to not only protect your business, but also to increase the trust of your customers. Identeco - for secure and successful e-commerce.

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