Identity Guard – Live Feed

Live Feed

You will immediately receive the latest threat data to proactively run a check against your existing customer accounts using a provided appliance. In addition, you will continuously receive the complete set of all leak data known to us for the protection of their accounts.

We continuously search for stolen credentials on the internet, analyze them and store the findings in our leak database. New records are immediately made available so you can ensure best customer and employee account protection.


Together, we plan the deployment within your company. In doing so, we take into account the already in place systems you use to authenticate employees and customers. Existing databases and authentication stacks that you have developed yourself can also be easily used by our software.

Effective Protection

Our approach enables you to define processes to automatically address accounts at risk. Restrict affected accounts or require further proof of authentication (e.g., a second factor).


We provide a prepared applicance to be deployed in your local infrastructure. Initially deployed it registers with Identeco’s systems and automatically receives all data records from us for evaluating risk of compromise for customer and employee accounts. In the process, you retain control over the runtime and operating environment.

Automatically Up-to-Date

If you wish, our container updates itself automatically and thus, it remains a secure endpoint in your IT infrastructure with up-to-date software.

Book a meeting

In order to receive a free selection of critical identities and to be able to inform the affected users, please make an appointment with us.