Identity Guard – Leak Monitoring

Leak Monitoring

Periodical situation report of credentials found in identity leaks based on a set of domains used for business email addresses of your employees.

We continuously search for stolen credentials on the internet, analyze them and store the findings in our leak database. Our regular situation reports allow you to match affected email addresses on your own IT systems.


Together, we plan the deployment for your company. The provided Leak Monitoring report is adapted to your needs. Notification of affected employees can be carried out by yourself or you can rely on our systems. Our tracking enables you to supports affected employees easily.


The provided Leak Monitoring report can be either for your company’s domains and all associated e-mail addresses, or for a list of e-mail addresses chosen individually by you as a Leak Monitoring report “Select”. Just as you need it for the effective protection of your company.


In our Customer Control Panel, you can configure the intervals and times for generating the Leak Monitoring report. Thereby, you are provided with the most recent report to present in board meetings or internal discussions. Additionally, you can use our bulk mail functionality to inform all affected employees by just one click. To ensure higher awareness and trust in these warnings you may define your own e-mail template matching your company’s corporate design. You can choose a specific sender e-mail address of your company as well.

Data Privacy

You provide only domain names or hashed email addresses when you order our Leak Monitoring. A pseudonymised list of affected e-mail addresses can be accessed via our costumer control portal.

We do not learn any details about affected employees.

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