Identity Guard – Protect Your Employee’s and Customer’s Accounts

Protect Your Employee’s and Customer’s Accounts

“Do you use passwords in your company or on your platform?” – A question to which an answer is most often “Yes”. Even if advanced authentication options are in place, a user-chosen password will be at least one factor to access or modify business resources.

Affordable risk analysis and efficient risk mitigation.

We provide our most recent leak data to allow for testing against your customer and employee accounts. Avoid financial loss through effective fraud prevention.


Customer accounts in criminal hands allow for fraud that lead to financial loss and reputational damage - customers lose trust in your company‘s services and security.

Live Feed

Live feed of credentials and login data found in identity leaks to check against your customer and employee directory.

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Credential Check

Protect customer and employee accounts when they register, change their password or checkout their shopping cart.

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Criminals gain access to internal IT infrastructure and data, this poses high risk to your and your business partners’ confidentiality, integrity and availability – your whole corporate activity.

AD Protect

In case of password changes and new logins of your employees in the Active Directory, you specifically request data records from our database for verification on your systems.

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Leak Monitoring

Periodical situation report of credentials found in identity leaks based on a set of domains used for business email addresses of your employees.

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