The invisible threat: How stealer malware steals your information

Our article takes a look into the world of stealer malware - hidden digital thieves that copy sensitive data. We shed light on how it works and the origins of an infection with this malware. Finally, we'll go into proven defensive measures. Learn how you can protect yourself and your business against the invisible threats from cyberspace.

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The invisible threat: How stealer malware steals your information Image by Freepik

When we think of cyberattacks, terms like phishing, ransomware and other familiar threats often come to mind. But what about the rogues that hide in the shadows and steal data unnoticed? We are talking about stealer malware, a brazen form of cyberattack that gains access to our systems undetected and steals sensitive data.

Imagine unsuspectingly downloading software from untrustworthy sources or using pirated programs. Without you realizing it, the stealer malware sneaks into your systems and starts its secret mission. Unlike ransomware that encrypts your data and demands a ransom, this malware behaves silently and collects your login credentials and other valuable information. This stolen data is then forwarded to those behind it without your knowledge.

The range of what can be stolen is frightening. Everything from sensitive session tokens and cookie information to login credentials for email or bank accounts are targeted by this insidious malware.

Now, you might wonder how this malware finds your data in the first place? Well, it has a precise plan where it can find something interesting. When any software is installed, it does not consist of a single file. Instead, it places itself in various folders and stores configuration and user-specific information. This is exactly what the stealer malware specifically looks for, compiles a compact overview for the attacker and transmits it to him in the background. The unnoticed theft has happened within a few seconds, without you noticing it.

But don’t worry, there are ways and means to protect yourself from these invisible thieves:

Protective measures against stealer malware:

  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA): Go for MFA because it provides an extra layer of security. Attackers will have a much harder time if they need more than just your credentials. Most platforms now offer MFA options, whether it’s a one-time password or email confirmation.

  • Only visit legitimate websites: It’s tempting to download cheap or free software from dubious websites, but that’s exactly what attackers want to exploit. Stay vigilant and trust only verified sources.

  • Use antivirus software: This software tries to detect and block malicious programs like stealer malware before they can steal your data. Make sure your antivirus software is always active and up to date.

  • Targeted Credential Monitoring: We collect and analyze leaked credentials from many different sources on the dark web and other criminal circles. Targeted matching of leaked credentials allows our customers to identify potentially compromised accounts at an early stage and take appropriate action.

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