1. Speed up Rust CI pipelines that use Tarpaulin

    Speed up Rust CI pipelines that use Tarpaulin

    Rust is an awesome language. Not only does it provide you with runtime performance that is on par with languages like C and C++, but it also prevents you from shooting yourself in the foot thanks to a lot of compile time checks. This however means that the compiler has to do a lot more work compared to some other languages: Borrow checker, Types, Generics, Macros, LLVM Optimization… While those features do result in a better product, no one wants to sit around 30 minutes just to discover that a single test failed due to a typo.

  2. We're starting the Identeco Blog

    We're starting the Identeco Blog

    At Identeco, we learn new things every day. This is true for our developers, but also for our colleagues in sales and marketing as well as for our management. Since our society and the economy are changing continuously, we must enjoy constantly expanding our knowledge. Digitalization is a huge factor in rapid change. We want to play a part in ensuring that these changes don’t catch you cold. Because we believe that it is essential living an open culture of information and knowledge sharing when working with our customers.