Our Team for Your Security

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Identeco protects accounts - no compromise.

In 2020, Identeco GmbH & Co. KG was founded as a spin off from a project at the University of Bonn in order to expand the concepts and the very good results into a commercial service. We already protect millions of customer relationships, employee accounts and thus the whole infrastructure from account takeovers, without compromising on our own security. Unlike competitors, with Identeco you can check yourself within your own infrastructure to see whether customer or employee accounts are at risk from leaked login data. Try us with minimal effort!

  1. Dr. Matthias Wübbeling

    Dr. Matthias Wübbeling


    Matthias Wübbeling is the CEO and founder of the university spin-off Identeco. With Identeco, he brings the research work of the past years to the market as an innovative offer to protect companies against cyber attacks. Matthias takes care of customer service, acquisition and publicity, employees and finances as well as the strategic orientation of Identeco. In everyday operations, he supports the team with his expertise in the areas of IT security, network and IT administration. Matthias represents Identeco in various committees and organizations, as a board member of the Cyber Security Cluster Bonn or as member of the Allianz für Cybersecurity of the BSI.

  2. René Neff

    René Neff


    Rene has been supporting Identeco since 2021 by actively advising customers on our products and how to protect against account takeover. This includes, among other things, the design and implementation of new processes and the related preparation of business units in large and small companies. In addition, he supports our CEO in management and business administration.

  3. Pascua Theus

    Pascua Theus


    Pascua knows every detail of our software. He has been leading software and interface development at Identeco since its inception as Chief Technology Officer. Pascua is in direct contact with customers when he provides technical support for setup and operation.

  4. Christian Doll

    Christian Doll


    Christian keeps our IT infrastructure running. He is responsible for the availability and performance optimization of the front- and backend services. He keeps terabyte-sized databases under control and keeps an eye on the monitoring of our servers and services around the clock.

  5. Prof. Dr. Michael Meier

    Prof. Dr. Michael Meier


    Michael is Professor of IT Security at the University of Bonn and heads the Cyber Security department at Fraunhofer FKIE. His research interests are in applied aspects of IT security with a focus on attack analysis as well as detection, threat intelligence and awareness. He supports Identeco with his wealth of experience and valuable contacts.