Account Security for Customers and Employees

Customer and employee accounts are the door opener to your computer systems. Identity Guard increases the account security and protects your company's secrets, your customer accounts and your whole business.

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Identity-First Security
Identity as the New Security Perimeter

The COVID 19 pandemic has made it clear: More and more employees want to work from home. Our product portfolio helps you put identity at the center of your security design.

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Protect your customer and employee accounts

Employee accounts in criminal hands put your company's IT infrastructure and trade secrets at risk - and your entire business existence. Customer accounts in criminal hands lead to fraud attempts and payment defaults, as well as the loss of your customer's confidence in your company's services and security.

We continuously search for stolen credentials on the internet, analyze them and store our findings in our leak database. Our Identity Guard products allow you to conveniently and GDPR-compliant match the records in our leak database.

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Live Feed

Live feed of credentials and login data found in identity leaks to check against your customer and employee directory.

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Credential Check

Protect customer and employee accounts when they register, change their password or checkout their shopping cart.

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Leak Monitoring

Periodical situation report of credentials found in identity leaks based on a set of domains used for business email addresses of your employees.

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  1. 1. GDPR compliant
  2. 2. Anonymity by design
  3. 3. Increased account security

We protect identities – no compromise

Identity data found in respective leaks is immediately pseudonymized and anonymized before being analyzed and stored to our database. It is impossible for us, without further information, to retrieve cleartext of user data. Matching the found identities with your customer and employee logins happens on premise within your company's infrastructure.

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