We Protect Accounts.
No Compromise.

Employees' and customers' passwords fall into the hands of criminals through hacked servers, malware and phishing. Costly security incidents and loss of trust of your customers can be the direct result.

Protect your employees' and customers' accounts by matching them against our collection of compromised identity data. We continuously update this collection with new records found on the Internet.

Our Identity Guard products provide protection against account takeover and unauthorized access to your systems. We are GDPR-compliant and do not obtain any of your customers' or employees' data. By using our products, you can comply with basic requirements of the BSI IT-Grundschutz-Kompendium.

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Employee accounts in criminal hands pose a high risk to your company's IT infrastructure and internal data. Customer accounts in criminal hands allow for fraud that lead to financial loss and reputational damage - customers lose trust in your company‘s services and security. We protect your accounts!

With every account there is a relationship.
We protect your platform from account takeover.


Customer accounts in criminal hands allow for fraud that lead to financial loss and reputational damage - customers lose trust in your company‘s services and security.

Live Feed

You will immediately receive the latest threat data to proactively run a check against your existing customer and employee accounts. In addition, you will continuously receive the complete set of all leak data known to us for the protection of your accounts.

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Credential Check

Protect customer and employee accounts during registration or other critical events such as password changes and checkouts. Credentials are checked in real time and GDPR-compliant at an interface of your choice and accounts at risk are detected.

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Criminals gain access to internal IT infrastructure and data, this poses high risk to your company and your business partners' trust. Confidentiality, integrity and availability are at risk – your whole corporate activity.

AD Protect

When your employees change their passwords or log in to Active Directory, specific records are requested from our database for verification on your systems. The provided plugin is integrated directly into your Active Directory and prevents the choice of compromised passwords.

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Leak Monitoring

With no technical barrier of integration, you receive an accurate risk report on the current threat situation. This allows you to directly identify threatened employee accounts and take action.

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Privacy by Design

A completely new technique: automated and data privacy compliant.

  1. GDPR compliant
  2. Anonymity by Design
  3. Ensure Account Security

Identity data found in leaks are immediately pseudonymized and anonymized before being analyzed and stored in our database. It is not possible even for us to retrieve the cleartext of user data, without further information. Unlike competitors, with Identeco checks are performed by yourself within your own infrastructure to see whether customer or employee accounts are at risk from leaked login data. Try us with minimal effort!

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In an ideal world, your customers would never use a password twice.

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